A seminar series for parents, caregivers and students


Objective: Minimize social media risks to children and the family.

Method: A graphics-rich slide deck and interactive narrative.


The seminar first identifies the fundamental groups that traditionally comprise western society: Family, friends, school, employer, government/law/police, market/business and adversaries/burglars/predators.

The concept of Privacy is discussed next through three topics: Inappropriate photos and messages, the concept of ‘Nothing To Hide’ and social media providers’ Terms of Service agreements.

Inherent ‘Trouble’ comprises the third segment: Unfettered access to personal and private information by business; the potential for careless social networking to attract adversaries/burglars/predators; rationalizations for posting inappropriate content.

We conclude with feasible means of protection: Technical and behavioural methods, and Location Services.

Additional topics are addressed in specific audience versions:
  • Parental controls (parents and caregivers)
  • Hierarchy of messaging privacy (parents and caregivers, senior students)
  • Personal public relations (parents and caregivers, senior students)
  • Social networking illegalities and the police (parents and caregivers, senior and intermediate students)
  • Minimum age of 13 (junior students)

Duration: Parents and caregivers - 60 mins; senior students - 45 mins; intermediate students - 40 mins; junior students - 35 mins.

Download this overview as a pdf.