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Written for, November 23, 2013.

Defining one’s presence in social media is quite straight-forward for teens and millennials: Create a user profile in every service that your cohorts use. On a daily basis, communicate through it with your “friends” and include your opinions, recent activities, plans and photos. Don’t bother considering who may have access to or possession of them, today or in a decade. more »

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Toys To Tools – Understanding When To Power On And Off

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Written for The Ontario Principals’ Council’s OPC Register, Winter 2012, Volume 14, No. 4.

The prevailing belief among young people toward the internet (websites, user accounts, text/instant messages and email) is that they are private environments posing few risks, demanding little consideration, and therefore involving next-to-no responsibility or accountability. more »

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Microsoft to discontinue Messenger in early 2013

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Microsoft will discontinue its Messenger service in the first quarter of 2013. More than a year has passed since Skype was purchased by Microsoft for $8.5 million, and during this time the existing Messenger accounts have been migrating into the Skype network. An update prompt is currently appearing at the Messenger sign-in.     more »

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BAMC – Before Apple Mobile Communication

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Written for The Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario’s Principal Connections, Spring 2012, Volume 15, Issue 3.

Managing children’s internet behaviour was much simpler back in BAMC (Before Apple Mobile Communication). The first and most important rule was No Computer In A Child’s Bedroom. The safest place for children’s internet and general computer usage was an open area such as the living room, where screen content could be loosely monitored and body language could betray unapproved activity and contact.     more »

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Large Risks Lurk For Small Businesses

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Written for LexiNexis Canada’s The Bottom Line, February 2011, Volume 27, Number 3.

It’s never pleasant for a business owner to get a phone call with the message that there has been a fire, break-in or flood at their place of business. Astute business operators quickly assure themselves that their paid-up insurance policy will cover the damage and losses, and that the business will return to normal within a reasonable period of time. However, if it soon becomes apparent that the flames, thieves or water have rendered the business information on the computer(s) indefinitely unavailable, what’s next?     more »

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