Social media behaviour


Nothing is permanent and social media is no exception. Once-dominant services such as Myspace got pushed aside when the youngest, emerging community settled on Facebook. Along came Twitter, then the Facebook-purchased Instagram. No one knows who will be the service of choice in five years.

More predictable is that users will continue to cause harm to themselves and others through online misbehaviour. The service used is not important. What matters is careful, defensive actions and a rudimentary understanding of technology, business and human nature.

Children of course are as yet without this knowledge, and so we teach them. Seasoned adults of sound mind should have somewhere between a cautious intuition and an experienced foundation in these matters. It’s important. It’s serious. Disregard can lead to disaster.

Whether you or those you are responsible for have made online mistakes or you appreciate the importance of preventing them, please browse these pages to discover how I can help you.

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